Home Remedy for Removing Stretch Marks

Home Remedy for Remove Stretch Marks

What is probably one of the biggest concerns in the life of a regular women are the stretch marks. They are white or purple strings that appear on the skin due to the changes with the body weight.

Other than that, they can also happen due to pregnancy. They are extremely difficult to remove, but luckily for you, we have found the perfect home remedy which can make them disappear.

About Stretch Marks

But first, let’s talk cellulite. It is the accumulation of tissue in certain areas of the body, forming small dimples on the skin.

The cause of cellulite can be anything – sedentary lifestyle, fluid retention, poor diet, hormonal changes, poor circulation etc. Even though there are certain cellulite diminishing products on the market, they are too expensive and not that much effective.

This is why we propose to you that you turn to the natural remedies. But, besides using these remedies, note that you have to make certain life changes.

If you want to reduce the visibility of the stretch marks you will have to drink plenty of water, eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. On the other hand, if you find this less than enough, you can always use exfoliation of the skin too.

The Remedy

Now, here is the remedy you need. You will need 250 grams of sea salt, 250 grams of sugar cane and 100/150 ml of Argan oil. Just mix these three ingredients up and take the mixture, massage it onto your skin in circular movements, for about three minutes.

Then rinse off with water and apply skin moisturizer.

ere is how the ingredients can help you. The oil contains Vitamin E which is keeping the skin soft, helps against aging and moisturizes the skin.

The salt contains micro-elements and iodine which contributes to regeneration of the skin. And finally, the sugar cane exfoliates the skin.

In order to get the best results, use this mixture every single day. Before we wrap up, note that you will get better results when the lines are pirple, because it means they are still new and fresh and easier to treat.

You will have to try a little harder if the lines are pale and white, but eventually you will obtain the results you want.

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