Home Remedy for Menstrual and Abdominal Pain

abdomina pain

Here is how you should do this simple trick. Take some cotton and soak it in 50% alcohol and put it into your belly button.

This helpful home remedy will help you to feel more relaxed and it will relieve your pain. You can use this method also when you have flu, cold and muscle soreness, and this natural remedy is much better choice than the convention medicine.

So, next time when you catch flu or cold, soak cotton in alcohol and put it in your belly button. Simply cover it with towel or plastic bag, or put a band aid over it, to keep it in place.

Important note: As we mentioned, you can use this method to relieve menstrual pain. To do this you will need to lie down and to press your belly button with your hands.

Press it gently. Use the same method to relieve from abdominal pain, just add some salt to the previously alcohol- soaked cotton and put it on your belly button.

You should try this extremely effective, but simple method to relieve your pain, and believe us you’ll be amazed by the results.

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