Best School Lunch for Kindergartner

Kindergartner, Lunch fKindergartner, Lunch for Kindergartneror Kindergartner


Kindergartner, Lunch fKindergartner, Lunch for Kindergartneror KindergartnerAs a parent, you know how hard it is to cook food for your kids they’ll enjoy and if they returned home from kindergarten with their lunch box untouched, then you know you’re not cooking them the type of food they’d love to eat. While you may think that your food is utterly delicious and other kids would eat it, but yours won’t because they’re picky, you may want to reconsider and that’s because kindergarten kids have a very different appetite than adults. So with that being said, let’s take a look below at some of the best foods you can pack for your kids and have the peace of mind they’re going to enjoy eating it!

Vegetables, Pita and Hummus

Did you know that a lot of kids are just crazy about pita pocket sandwiches with hummus and vegetables? Not only are they delicious, but if you want to go the dipping route, then you have many vegetable options to choose from. To include some of them, they are cucumber rounds, grape tomatoes, baby carrots and let’s not forget about the delicious strips of bell pepper. Your kids will absolutely love this lunch and no matter how unbelievable this may sound at first, you’re going to have a hard time abstaining yourself from not taking a bite after you’ve prepared it!

Banana, Butter, Almond And Honey

Now this is a certainly a delicious lunch few kids are going to resist. So how can you prepare it? Well, all you have to do is consider spreading two slices of whole wheat bread with peanut or maybe almond butter, whichever your son or daughter loves most. Next, you’ll need to top one slice of bread with a layer of banana slices and a little bit of honey. Lastly, just use the other slice of bread to cover it, but ensure you do it with the butter side down.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs seem to be a favorite food for many kids and that is because they are simply delicious and at the same time they can also stave hunger away for long periods of time. If you don’t want to worry about boiling the eggs in the morning though and cause your kid to be late to kindergarten, do that a few days in advance. Of course, you could pack some pita and a little bit of salt for your son to enjoy the eggs, but some kids just love to eat them raw.

Peanut Butter and Banana Sushi Rolls

Maybe the name will scare you, but this isn’t what you think it is. To prepare this lunch, you’ll need to take a big piece of whole grain bread and then carefully roll it on a level surface as flat as you can. When that’s done, get your kid’s favorite peanut butter, spread it all over it and then take a banana (make sure you’ve already peeled it) and place it longwise across the bread. After that, all you have to do is roll it up and then cut it in the same way you’d cut sushi. See? There’s nothing to be worried about!

Meat and Veggie Wraps and Rolls-Ups

If your kids don’t like sandwiches, then it’s not the end of the world, since you can prepare them roll-ups and wraps as a much more delicious and simple alternative to sandwiches. Now each child has his or her own preferences for what these should include, but my son loves the wraps with leftover steak, roast beef, sometimes a bit of tuna and sliced turkey.

Pasta with Vegetables

Did you have a copious dinner last night and you have some leftover pasta? Well then, did you know that you could actually use it to make your kid a delicious lunch? However, the pastas on their own won’t be that appealing, so that is why you should add some shredded vegetables to the mix, including carrots, celery, red peppers and also broccoli. Make sure these are all steamed nicely and your kid is going to absolutely love them!


Quesadillas seems to be a delicious food that you should pack in your kids’ lunchboxes and the good news is that preparing it is not hard at all. All you have to do is take some leftover salsa, cheese, cheddar and chicken bits and them put them between 2 tortillas. After that, you can just put them in a frying pan or if you want you can just microwave them. After they’re cooked, you can cut them in half or in the shape of pizza slices and add some light sour cream or mild salsa for dipping. Just make sure though that you go for low fat cheeses and whole wheat tortillas if you want this to be a really healthy lunch.


Edamame not only requires zero preparation work, but it’s also fun to eat and is overall a delicious lunch box idea for your kids. You can easily get these in supermarkets and since you’re generally going to find them steamed already, all you have to do is add the salt and pack them for your kids. You can find them in the frozen foods aisle, so look carefully there.

Pear and Avocado

This last lunch idea for kindergarten kids is a sweet one and in order to prepare it you’ll have to first of all get a bowl and mash half a ripe avocado in it. Next, you’re just going to need to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and season it with as much pepper and salt you know your child likes. Now it’s time to consider spreading the avocado evenly on two slices of sourdough bread and then all you have to do is add one layer of Asian pear to one slice of bread (just be sure the pear has been sliced thinly). Lastly, all you have to do is use the other slice of bread to cover and press on it gently. Bon appetit!

Peanut Butter, Cheddar And Apple

For this recipe, you’ll need to get a focaccia bread square in half diagonally and then get your butter knife and spread the peanut butter on the cut side of the bread. Next, you’ll need to top it with a layer of very thin apple slices, a layer of cheddar cheese slices and then use the other half to cover it. Lastly cut it side-down and then just press on it gently.

Source: Food Fiends