Treatment for Lymphocytosis

picture of Lymphocytosis

What is Lymphocytosis?

When we talk about lymphocytosis, there is an alteration in normal levels of lymphocytes in the blood, which occurs when the normal number of lymphocytes in the body exceeds 4×109/l (taking into account that sometimes can reach higher levels).

It should be noted that in children the absolute value of lymphocytes is higher (5-7×109/l in the first year) for what is considered lymphocytosis when the count is greater than 9×109/l.

This condition is also known as “the kissing disease” for its transmission. EBV infects B cells that tend to proliferate.

There are two types of lymphocytosis: the polyclonal and monoclonal.

Monoclonal lymphocytosis reflects primarily a proliferative disease wherein the number of lymphocytes increased due to a defect in lymphoid cells. On the other hand, polyclonal lymphocytosis becomes an inflammatory or infectious problem.

Natural Treatment of Lymphocytosis

The first and most important thing is to differentiate whether it is a benign (reactive to infection, usually viral) or a malignant problem. You can use this information as medication guide.

In either case, you should consider the following:

  • Diet: One of the cornerstones of health is in the diet, and in this case, it is essential to begin a deep healing diet with quality. You must eliminate all those products which impede, undermine or disrupt the functions of the immune and nervous system, and include foods that help the immune system. Foods that should be excluded from the diet are all sugar and white flour or refined, fried meat and cow’s milk and derivatives. You should start a purifying diet, where vegetables, seeds, whole grains and fruits are the staple diet. You have to drink enough water, at least two liters per day, and take products and foods that nourish the body and promote the efficient removal of toxins and harmful agents such as spirulina, pollen, royal jelly, flax, garlic, onion, vegetable oil and milk, etc.
  • Reduce stress and tension: is also essential, since they generate significant wear, imbalance and fatigue in the immune system. We recommend activities to help and encourage emotional balance and help relieve pent-up emotions that create great inner tension. The practice of yoga, swimming, tai chi, Ki-gong, gymnastics, etc., are activities that help relax the body’s general systems and facilitate their smooth operation.
  • Alternative therapies:  help to promote harmony and health in the body by pressure massage or stimulation of certain parts of the body. Acupuncture, bioenergetics, reflexology massage and some medicine can greatly support the body functions more efficiently.
  • The practice of a philosophy of life: it is essential to fully heal not only the body but the spirit and the mind. Ayurveda or Macrobiotics may be an alternative to help us balance and reorganize lives in a deeper, happy and healthy level.

Diagnosis and Treatment of underlying cause and disease plays an important role in the treatment of leukocytosis. Bone marrow transplant and blood transfusion are done to treat severe cases of leukocytosis.

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