Daily skin care: Ultimate Guide

Bad Skincare Habits

Many of us have those days when we realize how patchy, dull and dry our skin was. And many of us have those nights when we attempt to combat the problem by engaging in a long term experimenting on toners, cleansers and other different nighttime creams.

If you can imagine  these routine scenarios, you’re one of millions of Americans who try to fight dry skin with a bathroom cabinet full of skin care products. The most common treatment is the application of a daily moisturizer to prevent more serious conditions from developing. But when controlling flaky, scaly skin can be as simple as showering in cooler water or changing your cleanser. You can also simplify your daily skin care regimen once you understand the causes and best treatments for dry skin.

Your outermost layer of skin, which contains protective oils that protect against harmful drying elements like the sun and wind. And it is very easy to strip the skin of these oils through exposure to the elements or by not using the appropriate skin care products. The cosmetics industry has a trillion-dollar business, and there are many cleansers, lotions and creams on the market that boast unique formulas and great benefits. These products were designed with a  different parts of the body and incorporate various combinations of lubricating and cleansing elements.

Our skin becomes dry and rough during weather winters. Looks flaky, red and sore. We often spend a lot on skin products for our dry skin but is it really enough to deal with the problems concerned with the skin type?  Just buying suitable products is not enough. You should proper follow a skin care routine in order to maintain the charm of your skin and keep it healthy. To make your dry skin from inside and out, you must develop a daily dry skin care routine.

Daily skin care routine in 3 simple ways:

  1. Morning Ritual
  2. Through the day
  3. Before hitting bed

Follow this  routine to treat your skin, in order to keep it healthy and prevent it from drying.

Daily Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

1. Morning Ritual:

a. You should give your face a quick splash of fresh, lukewarm or warm water. This freshen you up. Washing your face with cold water is not recommended as it constricts the pores.

b. Now use a cleanser which is specialized for dry skin, apply it on your wet face for a minute. Wash off with warm water

c. Now comes toning. Use a good toner.

d. Next comes moisturizing. Apply a very thin layer of moisturizer and massage it in circular motion.

e. Let it seep in for 5 – 20 minutes. And then apply your day cream or sunscreen if you are going to step out in sun. Use cream or lotions which are good for normal to dry up skin. It make your skin protected from sun and hydrated throughout the day.

f. If you wear a foundation, then you may apply a very thin layer of it after applying your day cream. Mineral foundation is also recommended for a very dry skin. You can also use a concealer if required.

2. During the Day:

a. During the first morning break just walk to the wash room and apply a thin layer of moisturizer which you used during the morning.

b. Apply a good lip gloss, balm or lipstick. I would suggest that before applying your favorite lip gloss or lipstick, first apply a very thin layer of lip balm.

c. Always carry a water bottle and keep on sipping water every now and then. This will keep your skin hydrated.

d. Eat a healthy lunch. Try including fruits, yogurt or vegetable soups in your lunch time. Also a water based veggies and fruits are recommended.

e. After lunch, using a wet tissue wipe off the dirt and sweat and again apply a thin layer of moisturizer or sunscreen.

f. During the rest of the day, drink loads of water.

3. Before Hitting Bed:

a. Try getting a healthy supper for yourself. A warm a glass of milk with strawberries is what I would recommend.

b. Wash your face with lukewarm water. Do not rub it just splash mild water on your face

c. Use a good dry skin makeup remover to clean your face.

d. Cleansing is your next step.

e. Now apply a thick creamy moisturizer or a good rich night cream. This will make your skin nourish while you sleep, it will make your skin more smooth and supple.

f. Finally, keep a water bottle near your bed and in your reach. Drink a glass of water every time you wake up during the night.