Health Consequences For Holding Your Pee


The bladder is an organ of the body that is designed to store urine. Therefore, it can manage this function for hours at times, depending on the personal size of your bladder and also how much liquid you are taking in.

Holding your urine in for too long when you feel the need to go can have a damaging effect on your bladder. 

Your bladder, is like a Slinky, and the more urine inside, the more it stretches out and loses its bounce. The bladder can develop a chronic

overdistension a chronic emptying problem. This can lead to incontinence and other urinary issues.

Health Risks For Holding Your Pee

There are potential health consequences of making “holding it” a habit. For example, research has found that women who regularly hold off on urinating when they feel the urge may get more urinary tract infections (UTIs). Sometimes bacteria get into the bladder. Urinating often eliminates the bacteria. But holding them in the bladder allows them to multiply. They multiply really fast: One bacterium can become millions of bacteria over several hours. So if you are prone to UTIs, urinate as soon as you get the urge.

Additionally, if you’re able to get through the day without urinating, that means you’re most likely not drinking enough water, which results in dehydration, a bodily state that’s hardly beneficial to a work productivity.